Tuesday, 13 January 2015

the gloomy south!

It has barely gotten light here for the last two days - with heavy rain and rather dark fog............confirming my certainty that I could never live in Alaska or Ireland! Luckily, my studio is now cozy and lit and I have placed myself in "education mode." So, despite the fact that the sunny south is dreary and cold and my cat is approaching clinical depression from the rain; I am happily painting. I am amazed by how hard it is to mix accurate reds, yellows and oranges........I am learning that yellow is rarely yellow and red is never red. Today (in the top 7x5"), I tried to make yellow by combining colors that aren't yellow and remaining "loose" at the same time. In the bottom 6x6" I was just trying to be accurate. I already find that I am becoming impatient with accuracy alone.

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