Sunday, 2 November 2014

a bit of a series in 2x1 format

Just a couple of things..........I am (honestly) nearly done with this one. It turns out I did a lot more work on it than I had anticipated. I got involved in the structure of the wave and wanting to get the highlights to my satisfaction. It is now so incredibly wet that I had to put it aside.

This is the same little girl with the same pink tube (a different wave) and I wanted to do a vertical this time. I just began this one today so I haven't gotten very far yet and I lost the light quite early today. I am going to have to get some blinds for the windows in my studio because the angle of the sun comes in and distorts everything no matter how I arrange things. 

I will be traveling this month so my posting might be somewhat erratic. The first trip is quite an area in western SC to my next door neighbor's family farm. I am going to paint & take photos of rural SC as well as gather some cotton stalks (a long story unrelated to painting) and he will be a good guide & it was nice of him to offer). About mid-month I will be leaving for Texas to help my daughter prepare for her wedding. I am also planning on taking my time and painting along the way but I really don't know what to expect! I'll be home before Thanksgiving but am excited about seeing different parts of the country and painting along the way.

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