Monday, 8 September 2014

portrait of a tree - 12x10"

I fell in love with this live oak as soon as I saw it on a side road near my's in the middle of a large field that is owned by Seaside Farms, a large agricultural enterprise. I took photos of it during the spring because the surrounding field was impossibly green and the sky was an awesome pinkish-orange. I had determined to go back and paint it plein air as soon as I could but when I went back last week, it was just a pile of trunk and branches in the middle of the field! I don't know if the company cut it down or if it was struck by lightning during the past summer but I resolved that I would always return to paint something that I felt such a strong connection with as soon as I could and not get distracted by other things I wanted to paint. So......I decided that I would paint it anyway from the photo - I actually closed my eyes numerous times while painting this just to remember the day when I first saw it!

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