Sunday, 27 July 2014

Horse island View - 14x11" & some birds - 12x12"

I really love bird groupings and have been experimenting with them....this is nearly done but in all the heat, even the M. Graham oils I use have been getting sticky really fast; so, sometimes I have to wait a little to finish something because it's not wet enough to do wet into wet but too sticky to work as if the paint is dry. That's what happened this afternoon.

As long as I am painting by 8:30 or 9am, I can usually get in a couple of hours outside.....any earlier and the humidity is awful (it seems to increase overnight and then level off before the heat hits) - plus, the mosquitoes are still feeding. I've been trying to get out at least four times per week since it makes me so much happier than working in the studio! Horse Island doesn't really look much like an island and I was actually standing on the low conduit-style bridge to get this view.....there are a few wild ponies wandering about and every once in a while I see one!

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