Tuesday, 25 March 2014

memorial award - Spring Show BAA 2014

This 12" square painting won a memorial award at the recently ended Beaufort Art Association's 2014 Spring Show. I ordered the French doors for my studio this morning............I am getting really excited about the studio renovation and ordering the doors made it seem real somehow. Also, a group of us at BAA have begun a plein air group and met for the first time this past Monday - we had a great time and it was fantastic to be painting with a group again! I have such great memories of the Westport Art Group (WAG) plein air group and it amazes me how long it has taken for me to feel like I completely live here now. I guess two years isn't all that long but it makes me realize how deep our roots go and how disruptive relocating is.


Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Congratulations and so happy to hear that you are part of a plein air group!It must be getting beautiful down there by now.

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Anne..............we are just getting the group started but everyone is determined! It is getting nice - everything is flowering. It was a long winter (for here) and I'm glad it's over & hoping the same goes for you soon!