Sunday, 16 February 2014

finishing stuff

Thought I would intersperse text with the pictures this time! At any rate, the weather has moderated a bit (though still unseasonably cold) and I have moved back to the studio after spending several days working in the living room while the "storm" raged. I decided that I would finish some of the paintings I had put off for a period of time. Obviously the boat in underpainting is a new's 30x24" and I can't wait to get started on it. This boat lives about a mile and a quarter from me at the Gay Fish Co.

The "clouds over the marsh" hasn't been hanging around for too long and I soon figured out that I had put it aside because of something I didn't like - it seemed too cold -I warmed it up and resolved some of the transitions and am much happier with it now. This painting is 20x16" and the photo isn't too great but it is the best I can do till the weather improves a bit (way too windy today to take it outside).

This 18x24" painting has been hanging on the drying wall for nearly a year while I figured out what I was doing wrong..............I think months of doing crappy plein air studies at the marsh has helped me even though I can't really say it in words..........sort of an understanding of the structure of the land masses that the grasses grow on and the way the colors transition from their roots to their tops...........also how the groups of individual grasses form little groups of their own and merge and cross into one another.............see what I mean? It's not quite finished yet but I know where I am going now and that's half the battle!

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