Wednesday, 6 November 2013

finishing with mixed results!

I finished these two for the most part.............since they are on my drying wall, I may see some things that annoy me but I consider them complete. Then I spent most of the day "getting into" another nearly done one that I realized had the values wrong and now I hate it. I might go out plein air tomorrow to break myself of the discouragement that hits me when I cannot do something to my satisfaction!


Elizabeth Walsh said...

I *love* the train tracks! Amazing light. It reminds me of Uxbridge (in a good way).

patricia walsh said...

Well, it should be more familiar than that….. It's actually supposed to look like anywhere (but is really Austin near your old apartment).

Susan said...

I love this painting. Met you years ago with South coat Arts and found your work compelling. Found you again. Yea!