Monday, 27 May 2013

new computer/all thumbs

Sorry about the bad photo but I am just thrilled that I managed to get it here at all! I love my new computer but it will be an adjustment to figure a few things out.....luckily I have had an ipad & an iphone for quite a while so the operating system isn't foreign. iPhoto will be a bit more of a challenge but at least things aren't shutting down for no apparent reason. Actually this post is a combination of practice and missing New England (probably by the imminent purchase of a house and its concrete commitment to the south) I have been in the house and decided to work from a pretty old photo.


The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Hi Patty, nice painting, reminds me of Lees Wharf. Starting to warm up here, took the boat out with the doggies. Hope to get to sandbar soon and paint. Good luck with the house.

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Phyllis....guess your back is better! Am trying to post and getting stuck transitioning to apple. Have fun on the sandbar! Still set to close next Friday!