Tuesday, 30 April 2013

getting a drink - 24x18"

I am nearly finished with this painting now - had to spend much of yesterday at the house I'm buying getting a septic system inspection and a plumbing estimate. No one was on time and I suppose I should get used to that since that seems to be part of owning a house. I really love this place, on a dirt road, surrounded with live oaks covered with spanish moss - a stable and a marsh within sight and the private beach a short bike ride! One of my southern friends said "you'll learn how to paint spanish moss for sure now." This is a reference to my nearly constant plein air practice of the same! It's exciting to move again despite the fact that the sight of plastic storage containers makes me cringe..........I believe this will be the last move I do for a very long time!


The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Hi patty, very nice painting, love your new place. It was great seeing you again. Just had back surgery, things did not get better after we saw you, on the mend, have not painted in ages.would love to come down for a painting visit once you get settled in, maybe in the fall.

patricia walsh said...

thanks P...........my guest room will be set up! (as soon as I actually move that is).