Wednesday, 15 August 2012

savannah industrial - 16x15" step 1.5

I am pretty much making this one up because I wanted to combine a stormy, dramatic tropical sky with a brightly lit industrial scene..............ah, all those bad plein air studies that I have never posted come in handy for memory work! I don't fret too much anymore about the things I don't wish to post because I really do consider it like a musician practicing their instrument.


Phyllis Dobbyn Adams said...

Patty, this is beautiful, whatever you did you should do it more oftem, maybe making things up is not a bad thing, I love this, the sky is great and buildings almost look abstract, great painting.
btw, just set up for the art tour at WAG, torture, lets see what the weekend brings.

Kathy Weber said...

Great sky! And I love the figures on the beach too.

patricia walsh said...

Hey Phyllis & Kathy - thanks to you both........& Phyllis - good luck this weekend & I hope the sales are good and the process isn't too torturous!