Saturday, 7 April 2012

crab house #2 - 12" square

Thought I would be finished with this by now but I had two plein air wipe offs in the past two days - I really get discouraged when that happens. I think of my conversation with my accountant as I tried to explain to him how impossible it is to calculate the precise amount of oil paint that goes in to an "average" painting......and I totally forgot about the amount of paint that goes into things that don't turn out at all. Boy, some people think in ways that are totally different than the way I think.


Phyllis Dobbyn Adams said...

Patty this has a great composition. Added you to my blog, but I dont expect much traffic to mine, not too up for the whole networking thing. I love to watch the progression of your paintings.

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Phyllis.......I'll add yours too. I have found the blog to be invaluable, not for networking even but as a sort of visual journal (Can't tell you how many times I have referred to it for one thing or another). I'm not too good at the networking thing myself.