Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tiverton Farmers pt 2

This isn't done yet but I have been working pretty steadily on it (as well as a portrait commission which I cannot post at this time). Today I finally bit the bullet and ordered an iphone from verizon since my 3 year old LG is about to die for real.......I am very excited about its camera. So, this picture should be done for sure by tomorrow. I worked a shift at the gallery today and, despite a strong wind and cold temperatures, it seemed as if there were more people out and about......the longer days seem to announce spring and my fingers are crossed.


Jackie W said...

Well done, nice and colorful! It must have been fun to do the pattern on the tablecloth. Will try to get to gallery11 to check out the new show

patricia walsh said...

thanks and that would be great..........yes, the tablecloth was one of my primary motivations for doing the picture.